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1, Bolchaya Konjushenaya UL
Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Tel.fax : +7 (812) 314 36 27

Main course and garnish

Fish Main course
Salmon-steak napped with spicy herbs in Devil sauce     9.50
Roasted fillet of pike-perch with mashed potatoes & basil     7.25
Fillet of pike-perch on vegetables, mussels and creamy sauce     7.50
Roasted fillet of sole with mashed potatoes & basil           6.50
Meat Main course
Club-sandwich + french fries     5.30
Oven-baked ham in red sauce     6.30
Chicken barbecue with curry sauce     6.40
Porc Medaillons mustard sauce     7.50
Pepper tournedos in brandy sauce     11.20
Veal in sep sauce     11.00
Chicken fillet in mustard and anchovy sauce     6.80
Chicken liver in red wine with spiced potatoes     6.80
Pork shoulder blade "Soviet style" with owned cheese, tomatoes & onions
Beef tongue with dressing and mashed potatoes     6.40
Pasta & Risotto
Spaghetti carbonara     5.00
Spaghetti with tuna & tomatoes     5.00
Spaghetti bolognese     5.00
Spaghetti with salmon creamy sauce     5.70
Bread & butter     1.90
French fries     1.90
Mashed potatoes     1.90
Spicy potatoes « Idaho »     1.90
Rice     1.80
Rice and vegetables     2.00
Grilled vegetables     1.70
Haricot     2.00
Lettuce & vegetables     1.70
Caulifliwer & broccoli     2.00

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